Our story began over 15 years ago with an online store called Lusts For Life.  We curated beautiful pieces and styled many celebrities. In 2009 we headed to NY for a change. We moved back home from NY to LA in 2014 , which was a huge adjustment. Then in 2015 the passing of a best friend, Lynda (our mentor and a mother figure) and our father left us devastated. Two of our dearest friends and family members were gone. We then had a business partner who put us in a lot of debt and had to recover from not only the loss of family, but income.  We got over the hump and now we are better than ever!  We braved thru the storm and now we have the peace of mind we have always longed for! There will always be change and pain and grief from loss, but it makes us stronger. Thru all our hard times one thing was consistent, our Dachshund Franki! He showed us consistent love and affection. When we were sad he licked our tears! When we needed a hug he was there for a snuggle! And when we needed a smile, he made us giggle! Love is the only reality and that is what we offer you now! All of our products are made and sourced with LOVE! 

 "Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment. It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation."

We are a small collective of fashion designers and product developers working in Los Angeles.  We felt there was a gap in fashion, health, and home goods for an ever evolving, fast moving brand that offered great value product, using top fabrics, washes and details that you can’t find elsewhere. At WITH LOVE FRANKI, our Goal is to Present Quality, Comfortable, and Magical Clothing and Products to enhance your life!  We want to enhance your experience as you embrace your journey in life!  We encourage you to embrace our gifts as you present your gifts to the world.