Kids love swinging, me too ! Hammock swing provides a gentle rocking motion to relax . You can make a hammock for the deck by yourself.

What You’ll Need:

2.5 to 3 yards of heavy canvas fabric
Grommet tool and at least 20 grommets
2 hardwood beams 1.25 inches thick x 2 inches wide x length of your hammock’s width
Drill & 1/2 inch drill bit
100 feet of quarter inch cotton rope
2 large metal “O” rings

You might also like this hammock style baby swing, it’s a nice baby gift . What kid doesn’t love a swing? A baby swings not only  can soothe and comfort baby , but also give moms hands-free time .
These hammock chairs look super comfy and the perfect place for relaxing  in the yard or  reading on rainy days at home ! Hammock chairs are available at many department stores, but can be costly. You can save money by making your own custom hammock chair using a few basic inexpensive materials purchased from an arts and crafts or fabric supply store. 

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