Rest. I mean, really rest. Take care of yourself so you can take care of your baby. Put your feet up during feedings. Take some deep breaths. When the baby sleeps, take a nap or lie down. The first few weeks is a huge time of healing for your body. Don't push it. Allow other people to pamper you. And if someone offers to help, actually give them something little to do.

Do something nice for yourself everyday - take a bubble bath, order take-out, read your favorite magazine or book for 15 minutes or so, and of course, sleep when the baby sleeps.

Don't get dressed to go anywhere until AFTER you've fed, burped and changed baby. I'm sure you're carrying an extra outfit or two for baby, but why don't you pack one for yourself to keep in the car? I was sitting in the middle of a children's museum when my baby, who I was trying to nurse discreetly, had a blowout poop and leaked through his diaper, outfit, and right onto me!

- Elisabeth K. Corcoran

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