Good Karma Bola Necklaces Now at Leyton

Good Karma Bola Necklaces Now at Leyton


The beautiful tradition of the harmony ball comes from Indonesia and more particularly from the trendy island of Bali where women used to wear a fashionable chime pendant to style their bump and soothe their babies during pregnancy.  Worn as a long necklace low on the belly, these harmony balls create a soft chime when moving on the belly of mums-to-be which babies start to hear and respond to from the 16-20th week of pregnancy.  Many cultures have since perpetrated the tradition of these harmony ball necklaces and in particular in South American, where Mexican women gave it the sweet nickname of “’angel caller” or "angel whisperer".

After babies are born, new mums continue to wear their harmony balls as a maternity necklace and use it to play with or sooth their babies, especially during breastfeeding or to make them sleep, as babies recognize the soft chime of the harmony ball necklace which they associate with the warmth and presence of their mothers.  After birth, the harmony ball chime necklace would handed over to the child to wear as a reminder of the unique bond created with his mother and talisman to protect him all life long. He will also be able to use it for his own children, thus becoming a new piece of family jewelry!

Spend your pregnancy in style and call your baby's nagel with our irresistible collections of harmony ball pregnancy necklace. From everyday classic to bohemian chic or the very luxurious Precious model, we have a pregnancy necklace for every mum-to-be. The perfect gift!

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